Containment Services

Tank Pedestals

Our Pedestals are designed to accommodate both 12’ and 16’ tanks.

The 12’ can tank pedestal will carry a 300-barrel tank (approximately 110,000lbs)

The 16’ tank pedestal will hold a full 400-barrel tank (approximately 181,000lbs).

Making them not only a cost effective but also a superior alternative to gravel rings.

We also provide EPS and Foam Core pedestals.

  • Easily cleaned (eliminates ground contact)
  • Non-permeable polymer coating designed to shed water
  • Quick Installation (less than two hours in most locations)
  • Insulating
  • Nonconductive
  • Non-corrosive (rot and mold resistant)
  • Truckload quantities
  • Custom sizes and shapes available
Environmental Benefits
  • Less disturbance to site
  • Easy Clean
Secondary Containment

SJB’s Premium Polyurea Lining (PPL) is your safeguard against storage and containment failure and environmental contamination. If your business is subject to EPA, SPCC or CAFO regulations, or if you just need a more reliable and economical containment system, SJB’s PPL is your barrier solution.

Our liners are seamless, impermeable and puncture resistant and every liner we install is accompanied by a 5 yr Warranty * insuring you get the quality you need with the guarantee and service you expect.

We also provide premium Murray-Wall ® steel containments. These sturdy, proven wall systems have years of in-industry success and are engineered and built to support a full hydrostatic load. We build your site to your specifications with quality and a safety-first mentality and a keen eye for aesthetics.

Our Liners Provide
  • Impermeable Environmental Protection
  • Title 40CFR112 Compliant
  • NSF61 Compliant
  • Protection against Failures, Spills & Leaching
  • Protection against the Environment * From -25° to 170° F
  • Worry-free and walk-away solution to spills with this spray-on liner.
  • Applicable to dirt, rock, steel, concrete and fiberglass berms.
  • Two component, chemically curing, 100% solid, elastomeric Polyurea coating.
  • Cost-effective protection from the effects of weather, wear and chemical environments.
  • Bonds to metals, woods, concrete and many other materials